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No business is ever truly perfect. There are always things that need to be changed, and most of those changes ultimately come down to a behaviour: getting people to act in a new way rather than an old one.

But how many work hours are wasted introducing a change only to watch our employees and co-workers slowly slip back into doing the same wrong things they were doing before?

Making a change isn’t even half the battle. The real struggle is getting changes to stick. And changing new behaviours into stable habits can be a challenging process.

Identifying ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ Factors

Much research has been devoted to identifying how new behaviours, that happen sporadically at best, become habits that persist consistently over time. The short answer to this question is that one needs to look at each situation and identify which specific factors are at play.

Behavioural scientists sometimes refer to ‘pull factors’ that encourage a behaviour and ‘push factors’ that discourage it.