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This blog is something personal. My story of shaking things up!

Running on adrenalised energy, my life belonged to everything but me. It was time to do it differently. But could I? 42 years old. Married. 2 children. Mid life has set in. I had signed up and I was'nt sure I could sustain it for much longer.

Two years ago on the eve of my birthday my mind was in sheer panic. Anxiety attacks were a frequent occurence. And now as I write this I really feel like that was a past life that I am so grateful to have shaken off. Just as I had hit the proverbial middle life, middle class, hum drum of existence I felt the call to adventure. Every rational, sane part of me tried to ignore the call. And then one day I answered.

I drew a line in the sand. I decided that if my children could get into a public school then that was the gap. We would move lock, stock and barrel to Cape Town. My desire for a more authentic, creative and meaningful life needed a new environment in which to seek inspiration. And everything about moving here seemed to make sense.

The kids got into the exact school I had hoped for. And the wheels were in motion. It really did feel like I leaped off the edge of a cliff and there was no turning back. In 6 months we had packed up and made our journey to Cape Town. It really shook things up in every aspect of my life.

I know its only Cape Town.

But it required a change on every imagineable level.

Downscaling our home.

Redesigning my career.

Leaving behind my crew of close friends and family.

Finding new friends and family.

The real shake up however was the discovery of new things. Long walks on the beach. Forest bathing. Gentleness. Slowing down. Re-seeding my creativity. Stripping away the layers of stress and uncovering my sense of self.

I am so grateful for having taken the leap. It could have gone terribly wrong. But what would be worse is the idea of having choosen not to heed the call. To stay where I was, what I was in. Shake things up. Especially when you are the most settled. When you sense the level of complacency has set in. Shake things up so that you feel alive. Bold. Brave. We really only have this one life. And its incredibly powerful to have that life be authentically aligned to who you fundamentally are and what matters most to you.